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I wanted to write this post prior to Super Bowl XLVI, last night, but I got caught up picking up wings from Hooters and watching the twelve hour Super Bowl Pre-game show.

I’m obviously a huge football fan and am quite disappointed that my beloved Packers did not make it to back-to-back Super Bowls.  The next best thing, besides hoping for a close game, are the commercials.  However, in recent years I have found the ads to be sub par–there have been way to many movie trailers.  Last night was no different.  There were easily a half dozen commercials that were previews for the Big Screen.   In addition, to the movie trailers, there were many commercial duds (Teleflora and Fiat). In my opinion, the worst commercial(s) created was by Coca Cola.  Ironically, my favorite commercial was one of the early aired ads in last nights lineup; created by Pepsi with Sir Elton John and Melanie Amaro, with an appearance by Flavor Flav! 

I also really enjoyed the CRV Honda Commercial with Matthew Broderick based on “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”.

Below are my favorite commercials (by category) of All-Tme:

BEST SUPER BOWL COMMERCIAL EVER – Reebok (2003) – Terry Tate Office Linebacker, my friends brother actually created this add which was originally a compilation of scenes adding up to a total of 20 minutes.   Reebok bought the rights and they came up with this clip 

BEER – Bud light (2007) – No Speak English

SNACKS – Doritos (2007) – Crunchy Crash

CAR – Chrysler (2010) – Eminem Motor City

SODA – Coca Cola (1979) – Mean Joe Green 


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