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A friend sent me a link to this fake conversation between NFL QBs… Let me know what you think!




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My best friend, Peter has had a passion for flying his entire life.  He spent his youth building model planes in his basement and  then flying them in open fields with his Dad.  He later enrolled at Ohio University where he earned his degree in Aviation.  I was only able to visit him once while he was at school; but it was awesome.  Since Pete had his pilot license he was able to take me up on a solo ride.

Over the past two years, Peter and I have attended the Joint Forces Air Show at Andrews.  The 2010 Air Show featured the Blue Angels from the U.S. Navy while this years attraction was the Thunderbirds from the U.S. Air Force.  I have to admit, I preferred the 2010 Air Show for several reasons:

  1. Greater variety of  events (helicopter/seals act).
  2. The Blue Angels performed better then the Thunderbirds.
  3. The planes were closer when performing their maneuvers (the main runway was under construction this year).

I’ll let you be the judge though.  Here are two videos that I’ve created while filming at the show.

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