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I’ll admit it, I’m a die hard Packers fan so this post may seem a little biased.  Oh wait! No it won’t because if you watched last night’s Monday Night Football between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks you know the Pack won the game!  However, the NFL replacement referee’s weren’t entirely sure.

On the last play of the game Seahawks Rookie QB, Russell Wilson became the first NFL QB in history to throw a game-winning interception on a Hail Mary Pass.  Russell Wilson is familiar with this play, having been on the wrong end last season during a Big Ten matchup when Wisconsin lost on a Hail Mary Pass too Michigan State with a pass by Kirk Cousins as time expired.  Last night, Wilson successfully completed his pass to MD Jennings, a Green Bay player; however the replacement officials awarded the catch to Seahawks, Golden Tate claiming “simultaneous catch.”  I should also mention the referee that made the touchdown call on the field also missed a blatant Offensive Pass Interference call by Golden Tate.

Based on the NFL Rules Book:

After the game, some notable people made strong remarks about the officiating using social media:

In addition to the Hail Mary pass, there were other major blown calls, as well as a wrong ball given. According to Packers QB Aaron Rodgers, the replacement referees provided a “K-ball” when Green Bay lined up for a 2-point-conversion in the 4th quarter to go up 14-7.  Instead Rodgers couldn’t grip the ball properly and threw an incomplete pass.

Also it the 4th quarter, Green Bay intercepted Wilson but that play was called back for a phantom roughing the passer call.
As I mentioned the referees were terrible on both sides of the ball.  Green Bay challenged the spot of the ball and instead of placing the ball on yard-line and remeasuring it, they just awarded the Packers a first down.

After this diabolical, it is time for NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to resign/fired.  The NFL says they care about the integrity of the game.  They claim they want to protect “the shield.”  Well guess what Goodell, your worst nightmare just happened!  These replacement referees impacted the outcome of a game which may haunt the Packers for a Wild Card or Playoffs spot.  The NFL is “officially a joke.”

To voice your opinion and concerns regarding the NFL please call Rodger Goodell at 212-450-2027.

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