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Yesterday, was my first day driving for Lyft and Uber.  I had some speed-bumps but by the end of the night I felt like I was playing Daniel in France’s hit movie Taxi.

With my first attempt of the day, I tried to go to the Milwaukee Airport to get a passenger but failed.  I logged-in on my apps but I wasn’t collecting any requests. I quickly gave up and texted one of my friends who has experience driving.  He told me about this parking-lot at the entrance of the airport which is GPS coordinated where all drivers must go in order to get a “queue” line-up for an airport pick-up a passenger.

After lunch, I returned to the airport and joined the airport queue.  After waiting a few minutes, my phone dinged and a ride request from Ana appeared.  She was in town from San Diego for her grandchild’s baptism and of course to see her daughter (a Marquette Alum).  I informed Ana that she was my first ever passenger—she was excited.  Right off the bat, I had issues with Waze and my GPS navigational system.  Thankfully, Ana was very patient with me as we made our way to Wauwatosa.  She wished me luck in my job search and tipped me five bucks!

Another passenger was very happy despite just finding out that it may be two months before he can move back into his house after he suffered a fire last week. He was a big hockey fan and immediately commented on my Alex Ovechkin jersey that I was wearing.  He spent much of this five minute ride explaining to me why he despised the Chicago Blackhawks—needless to say, it was very entertaining.

My night concluded giving back-to-back-to-back rides to three separate ladies.  The first was from a young lady named Megan who was impressed with my 5-star rating.  She only requested a ride because “her feet hurt.”  So, our ride together was literally 6 blocks.  My next ride was for a UW-Milwaukee Finance Professor who appeared she could pass as a student herself.  Turned-out she was only 27 years young!  After dropping of the Professor, I picked-up a UWM-Student.  I jokingly told her about the young-looking professor I just met and she told me that she had a young Asian looking professor last semester for her Finance class—imagine if she was her student—small world!!

Anyways, this UScreen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.01.47 AMWM student requested a ride to the Irish Pub in the Third Ward.  She voluntarily divulged that she was nervous on what she was getting herself into.  She apparently dated her best friend who she broke up with; but surprisingly she was able to salvage her friendship with him.  Now, she is dating one of her ex’s friend’s; and tonight will be the first time they will all be hanging out together…

Let’s see what today holds!


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It is only fitting that my Grandma, Sue Remington, would pass on the day of the year, where the sunlight lasted the longest of the year–on the Summer Solstice.  She was 89 years-old when she died in her home in Madison, WI.  In this very house on Dartmouth Street, she raised a family of five boys and a daughter.  These same children (my Aunt and Uncles), were along her bedside to show their love and support as my my Grandma peacefully slept away.I was raised just outside Washington DC by my Papa, Michael Remington, who was my Grandma’s oldest son.  Growing-up, we were fortunate to have the means to be able to travel to WI, as a family, to visit my Grandparents (Sue & Frank).  I will forever remember Grandma as a traditional, competitive, and humorous human being.Our family vacations to the Mid-West, consisted of canoeing down the Brule River, fishing for northern pikes, playing king of the raft, eating pie in Port Wing, and me almost biting my tongue off (I have scar to prove it).  In the evenings, when we weren’t exploring the outdoors of Iron River, we had family dinner at the cottage.   Grandma was all about the Clean-Plate-Club. She would say “Food wasters don’t get dessert.”  Dessert normally consisted of a scoop of ice cream from a gallon jug (I have a ton of cousins).In the morning, I would awake to the smell of maple syrup and pancakes on the griddle. According to Grandma, we were not allowed to sit at the table unless we had brushed our teeth and washed our face.  Another rule that Grandma enforced was no hats inside.  When I say she enforced this, she scolded my Uncle Pat, a little over a month ago for sitting down at the dinner table, wearing a HAT when my Papa and I were in town visiting.In addition to being very traditional, Grandma was also very competitive.  She was the biggest Wisconsin Badgers fan that I knew.  She had 50-yard-line seats at Camp Randall during the Fall.  During the Winter, you could find her sitting center court at the Kohl Center.  As you can imagine, when I transferred to Marquette, basketball season became very interesting within my family.  The already in-state-rivalry just became a little bigger to include the Remington Family.  During my first year at MU, the Golden Eagles played at Madison and I requested a ticket to join my Grandma for the game.  Just before the opening-tip, Grandma looked at me and said with a straight face, “Christophe, you are not part of the Remington family during the next 2.5 hours!”  I thought she was kidding but through the game she would nudge her elbow into my side when MU made a good play.  At one point, she told me to “keep it down” when I cheered one of Dominic James’s dunk!  In fact, after the game, I asked Grandma if she would wear a shirt that said “Marquette Grandma” and her response was priceless, “Over my dead body.”  Well I guess, I should go pick her up a shirt from the Spirit Shop (only kidding).Her competitive personality didn’t end with the Badgers.  It was also prevalent at her dinning-room table were Grandma and I competed in a card game called “Casino.”  The point of the game was to get to 21 points first; based on a complicated scoring system.  I was one of Grandma’s toughest opponents.  From what I hear, my cousin Natalie is also really good.  Grandma rarely beat me because she claimed that I was “a little rascal” because I never built any “piles.”However, even though I beat Grandma during the majority of our card matches; she did beat me at something more significant.  One summer, in Northern WI, my Dad, Grandma, and I played 9 holes in at the Poplar Golf Course.  Papa, obviously dominated; but 2nd place came down to the final hole where Grandma beat me by one stroke sinking a high-pressured putt.  Grandma was a gracious winner and that day was one of my favorite days spent with her and my Dad.Grandma was not just traditional and competitive–she was also naturally funny.  She had the most random ideas in the world.  One of which took place during a dinner conversation which I recorded on my camera.  Unfortunately, my apartment in Milwaukee was robbed and the thieves took my laptop which the video was saved on.  However, I still remember this conversation as if it took place yesterday.  This dinner took place about seven years ago, when Grandma suggested that she wanted to open a “Drinking School” she explained that kids need to learn how to drink responsively.  She wasn’t implying that her grandchildren where alcoholics because I asked just that!  She truly believed that it was a good idea to open this school.  When asked, “where will you teach classes?” she said “here” meaning her house.  Everyone laughed.

From this video above, you can witness Grandma’s great sense of humor.  You can also see her fierceness doing a fist bound, as well as her love for dogs.  Present in this video are myself, grandma, my cousin Frank, and my girl friends dog, Maisy.

Grandma will be survived by 20 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.  But more importantly, by her only daughter Ann and her five sons Mike, Jim, Tom, Pat, and Frank as well as their spouses.  We will forever remember Sue Remington as a caring and loving grand/mother.

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My best friend, Peter has had a passion for flying his entire life.  He spent his youth building model planes in his basement and  then flying them in open fields with his Dad.  He later enrolled at Ohio University where he earned his degree in Aviation.  I was only able to visit him once while he was at school; but it was awesome.  Since Pete had his pilot license he was able to take me up on a solo ride.

Over the past two years, Peter and I have attended the Joint Forces Air Show at Andrews.  The 2010 Air Show featured the Blue Angels from the U.S. Navy while this years attraction was the Thunderbirds from the U.S. Air Force.  I have to admit, I preferred the 2010 Air Show for several reasons:

  1. Greater variety of  events (helicopter/seals act).
  2. The Blue Angels performed better then the Thunderbirds.
  3. The planes were closer when performing their maneuvers (the main runway was under construction this year).

I’ll let you be the judge though.  Here are two videos that I’ve created while filming at the show.

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I have decided to switch servers regarding my blog from blogger to WordPress.  To view my past entries over the past 3 years please visit: http://www.goldeneaglesfan.blogspot.com/

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